Welcome to Wisdom for Future!

Maya Prodanova, M. A.

My name is Maya. I am the creator and editor of the website Wisdom for Future.

Inspired by the Fridays for Future series, I stand behind the idea that our generation is awakening to a more meaningful purpose in life: Where our Earth and Life itself matter most.

Through my studies in Theology, Archaeology, Religion and Culture, and my brought interests in other fields, such as Psychology and Spirituality, I have gained insight into the words of wisdom of the antique and modern world. My hobby is to look for connections throughout History, which explain the nature of humanity and provide us with a deeper meaning concerning our existence on Earth. 

This website provides the knowledgable audience with a link between Science and Spirituality, and spiritually inclined people with a scientific background of what they already experience to be the truth. It aims to engage and inspire you with short, eye-opening stories, which will help you elevate your consciousness and encourage you to use your knowledge for the creation of Wellbeing!

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