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A Charm for Stability from the Thracian Lands

by Maya Prodanova, September 20, 2020

in English

Our human nature is pleading for stability on all levels of life. Especially now, in the Covid era, where we don’t know where we stand and what expects us. But this lack of clarity is only a manifest of what we have been thinking and doing for a long time already. “Stability is not the ability to control yourself but to see clearly”, says Sadhguru, a mystic and yogi. Stability is not the ability to think but to connect and engage with real life.

In this article, I present to you an ancient symbol for stability and grounding, which can help you find clarity within yourself. :)  

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Some of the first people who brought Christianity to Europe came from Syria

by Maya Prodanova, May 6, 2020

in Bulgarian

In recent years we got used to the news about migration waves, caused by civil wars in Eastern societies, especially in Syria. The reactions of whether or not to accept the migrants have been different throughout Europe. Many Balkan countries have expressed their scepticism, based on the different culture and religion of the newcomers. 

However, from a historical perspective, Syrian people prove to be among the first who brought Christianity to Southeastern Europe. In this article, I present some ancient and late antique sources which testify to the existence of strong connections between Roman Syria and the lands of present-day Bulgaria.

My point is to show that we can use the study of both History and Christianity to underline our similarities and become more humble as humans! :)

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